Personal Investing

We offer 2 types of investment accounts for individuals: Liquid Accounts and Investment Certificates

Liquid Accounts offer a variable interest rate and flexibility for deposits and withdrawals. The interest rate ranges from 0% (if the balance in your account is below $500) to 3.75% (if the balance in your account is above $25,000), and is tiered, based on the actual balance in the account. Funds can be deposited at any time, and can be withdrawn* upon written demand.  Total transactions (deposits and withdrawals), are limited to 3 per month. 

Investment Certificates pay a fixed rate of interest over a fixed length of time. Individuals can choose from a 1, 2, or 3-year term, with a minimum investment of only $1,000. Our current rates on Investment Certificates are:

1 year4.50%
2 years4.00%
3 years4.00%

Investment Certificates contain a provision for early withdrawal penalty if you withdraw* funds before the certificate matures. Withdrawal requests must be made in writing. Funds can be reinvested or withdrawn (without penalty) at maturity.

IRA Investment Certificates are also available – please contact us for information regarding IRAs.

To open an investment with MCIF:

Step 1: Confirm your eligibility.

Verify that you reside in one of the 16 states MCIF operates in

California Hawaii Indiana Nebraska Pennsylvania Texas
Florida Iowa Kansas N Carolina S Carolina
Georgia Illinois Michigan Ohio Tennessee

Verify that you are a member of, contributor to, or participant in the Missionary Church or a district or other program, activity, or organization which constitutes a part of the Missionary Church or one of its districts or that you are a successor in interest to such person.

The Missionary Church Investment Foundation may be authorized to issue securities in other states on a case by case basis.  Please contact us if you are a resident of a state other than those listed above to learn if your state qualifies.

Step 2: Download and read the Offering Circular for the state in which you reside

Step 3:  Step 3:  Download, complete, and physically sign the appropriate application

Step 4: Send your completed and physically signed application with check to:

Missionary Church Investment Foundation
PO Box 9127
Fort Wayne, IN 46899-9127

Step 5: Receive acknowledgement within a week.

*Applicable withdrawal/redemption procedures are contained in the Offering Circular and include risks of repayment. Certain redemption procedures may delay the immediate repayment of proceeds from Liquid Accounts and Investment Certificates. See page 19 of the Offering Circular.

We’re not a bank. And that’s a good thing.

When you invest with the Missionary Church Investment Foundation (MCIF), you receive a “double blessing.” While you earn interest, your funds enable Missionary Church churches and ministries to expand and grow through low-cost loans.

In fact, since 1958, MCIF has provided hundreds of loans to Missionary Churches and ministries. Your dollars have helped construct and renovate churches, buy land and equipment, repair roofs or storm damage, and finance buildout least space.

Ways for churches to invest:

For churches interested in investing, go here.