First Corinthians 13 Church

Allentown, PA
Building purchase

One upside of the slow economy is that churches are being able to purchase existing buildings at a terrific price. First Corinthians 13 Church, Allentown, PA, is just one example. 

A year ago, the 200+ member church approached Steve Sisson, executive director, Missionary Church Investment Foundation (MCIF) with an idea. They’d outgrown their existing space of some 5,000 square feet and wanted to finance a 22,000 square-foot building just 2 miles from their location.

With MCIF’s help, they purchased the building in May 2012. Since then, they’ve been able to impact their community in greater ways, especially during the week.

For example, Head Start now leases from First Corinthians 13 Church and conducts its weekday program in their building. This past March, the church was able to host the Missionary Church denomination’s Eastern Region conference, all because they had ample space.