Centro Cristiano Hossana

Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Building purchase & renovation

Imagine your church mortgage payments being less than what you’d been paying in rent—and partnering with your city clean up an eyesore. That’s exactly what happened to Centro Cristiano Hossana.

For years, this congregation of 100 in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, had been renting their facility, hoping to find a building of their own.

In 2012, Centro Cristiano Hossana stumbled upon this neglected 3,400 square-foot building. While it needed a lot of work, the building had one great thing going for it. It was listed at a bargain price by a local bank because it was in foreclosure proceedings.

That same year, Centro Cristiano Hossana contacted the Missionary Church Investment Foundation (MCIF) for a loan to purchase the building and fund the extensive renovations. The church anticipates being finished in the fall of 2013.

In addition to saving money from renting, the church has yet another blessing to report. The city of Bayamon is so excited about the church occupying and renovating this rundown building that they’ve agreed to make site improvements to it. The city is paying to have additional parking installed to Centro Cristiano Hossana’s new facility. Gloria A Dios! (Praise the Lord!)